Hand-Crafted Dishes Using the Freshest Local and Seasonal Ingredients

Chef DePhon R. Robinson


Executive Chef

Chef DePhon Robinson is a hospitality and culinary ambassador with the goal of providing unique, high quality events and prides himself on providing unparalleled on-set catering and craft services. Chef Robinson has established relationships with Tyler Perry Studios, Bravo, WE, TBS, Monami Entertainment, Ernst & Young and The Southern Company, which makes him the only "go to" option when the job requires food with passion. Chef Robinson has provided personal chef services for Queen Latifah, Gabrielle Union and Olympian of the Century, Carl Lewis, to name a few.

Building close ties with the community, Chef Robinson's overall mission is to create hand-crafted dishes made using the freshest local and seasonal ingredients. He holds a keen belief that food is art, to be displayed in every pristine presentation, with the innovative approach to surpass your catering vision and titillate your taste buds. He turns traditional dishes into beautiful edible art. Evidenced by the motto for his company EDGE: Everyone Deserves Great Experiences, Chef Robinson lives his passion of providing a consistent hallmark hospitality experience for each client.